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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for replacement forklift forks? Look no further! We’ve got the stock you need at the competitive price you expect. The purpose of this FAQ is to help you with forklift fork measurements. We've received plenty of phone calls and emails on proper fork measurement, hopefully this FAQ will help you determine what forks you have on your forklift. To explore our online ordering and selection of forklift forks click here

How to Measure Forklift Forks

1) How do I measure a fork on my forklift?

First you need to determine the size of your carriage.

This is dimension A on the image to the right->

  • Class 2 = 16 inches from top to bottom of carriage
  • Class 3 = 20 inches from top to bottom of carriage
  • Class 4 = 25 inches from top to bottom of carriage
Next, there are 3 key dimensions for each fork
  1. To determine length, measure from the front of the fork to the end of the tip.
  2. To determine width, measure from side to side of the fork you need
  3. Next, measure the thickness on the back side of theforklift fork

If you measure thickness at the bottom of the fork, you risk ordering the wrong fork since the bottom will be worn.

Finally, determine the capacity of the forklift that you are going to install the forks on. The capacity can be found on the data tag, located on or near the dashboard of the forklift. Each set of forks has a rated capacity. This capacity includes a safety factor but should be used as the maximum lifting capacity for a set of 2 forks. Also, each of our forks are stamped with this information on the side of each fork.

2) My forks mount up to the carriage with a pin. I can't find my type on your website!

Your forklift has a pin style carriage. These forklift forks are custom manufactured. We can supply a quotation; please click contact us and we'll reply shortly.

3) When do forks ship?

Orders placed before 2:00PM eastern time will ship the same day.

4) What specifications are your forklift forks manufactured to?

Our forks are certified to ISO 2330 standard. In addition, our forks meet the ANSI B56.11 standard.

5) What government regulations pertain for forklifts and forklift forks?

Any other questions, please call or email us!