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Kalmar Forklift Parts

If your warehouse operations rely on Kalmar forklift equipment, Intella stocks thousands of Kalmar forklift parts to keep your lift trucks running smoothly. We offer same-day shipping, so call us at 437-253-7400 and we can help you find exactly the right Kalmar lift truck parts you need to keep your equipment at peak performance.

Why Kalmar Forklift Parts?

Kalmar heavy-duty lift trucks are reliable in the toughest industries such as steel, lumber, and port applications. Because of their durability, Kalmar forklifts have gained popularity worldwide. At Intella, we understand how important it is for your warehouse to run efficiently. We stock thousands of quality replacement forklift parts that are readily available to keep your forklift or lift truck in excellent condition.

Whether you require a specific part such as an air filter, or an entire seal cylinder kit, the easiest way to order on our vast online catalog is by part number. For Kalmar forklift parts, the part number is often stamped on the actual component and can be formatted in several styles and lengths, including:

  • Short-numbered series - These part numbers are only four or five digits long.
  • Two-part series with decimal - These part numbers are either nine or ten digits in length. They are separated by decimals and are formatted either as 6 + 3 digits, like 256098.100, or 6 + 4 digits, like 256098.0100.
  • Nine-digit series - These part numbers are nine digits long without decimals.
  • Lettered digit series - These part numbers start with either J, K, N, or T and are followed by varying amounts of numbers.

Intella Aftermarket Kalmar Forklift Parts

If you are unsure of the Kalmar part number you need, our dedicated team can assist. Just call us at 437-253-7400. Simply provide the model and the serial number of your lift truck or forklift and we can streamline your search.

Kalmar Forklift Parts

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