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Jungheinrich Parts

Intella Parts is your source for Jungheinrich lift truck parts! We stock parts in our warehouse in Holland, Michigan USA. However, in addition to this warehouse we offer quick shipping from our parent company VanGent Forklift Parts located in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. We offer quick 3 day shipping from Europe DIRECT to your location in the United States or Canada.

Are you looking for a part and have been told that your part is backordered, coming from Germany? Fear not, we can help! How can we do this? We have a special arrangement with UPS to offer direct shipments to our customers in the USA and Canada. We will quote this freight price to you when we offer the part. We understand what it's like to have a piece of equipment inoperable because of a part! The last thing you want to hear is that your part is in Germany which then needs to ship to the factory and then shipped to your local dealer...who in turn ships to you. Get your parts direct from Europe and get your equipment up and running sooner!

Jungheinrich History

Jungheinrich was founded in 1953 in Germany; in the first year, the company had 30 employees and produced the first electric lift truck with 4 wheels. Two years after the first truck, Jungheinrich decided to start producing its own motors and start developing a reach truck. The first diesel forklift truck was constructed in 1958 followed by the decision to expand Jungheinrich and carry accessories for forklifts in 1959. The Volkswagen of forklifts came on the market the following year in 1960; it was an electric stacker with starter battery. Jungheinrich continued to grow and in 1974 they took over MIC S.A. in Paris and Normandy. This is just the start of their worldwide expansion.

In 1975 Jungheinrich produced its first overseas trucks in both Brazil and the United States. Expansion continued as they acquired smaller companies in Spain, Denmark and Norway as well as importing Yale internal combustion forklift trucks to Austria and Germany. In 1995, Jungheinrich produced the first ever multi-pilot joystick reach truck followed closely by the Jupiter Program. In 1996, the first battery powered forklift to feature 3-phase AC technology was released and in 1997 Jungheinrich offered all diesel and LPG trucks with either hydrostatic or hydrokinetic drive systems.

As the millennium changed, Jungheinrich continued to thrive and grow. Over the next 5 years they joined forces, established subsidiaries and joined markets in all of the following countries: Brazil, China, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, and Turkey! This kept Jungheinrich on the map for large forklift dealers throughout the world. In 2009, they signed an agreement with Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America and in 2010 MCFA was named the exclusive Jungheinrich distributor in North America.

Call 437-253-7400 or email us today to help you get the part you need on its way to you today!

Jungheinrich Parts

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