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Rebuilt forklift steer axles

Does your forklift need a steer axle replacement? At Intella Parts, we recommend a rebuilt forklift axle rather than replacing broken component parts. Every steer axle for sale meets industry standards. We also offer fast shipping so that your forklift can be up and running in no time.

We strive to deliver reliable forklift axles. Each remanufactured steer axle is completely disassembled so that every part can undergo a thorough inspection. Any part that is worn or broken is discarded and replaced. When you replace your old steer axle with one of our remanufactured steer axles, you can send your old steer axle to our Intella team and we will refund your core deposit.

We understand that the axle is central to the operational capacity of your forklift. This is why our remanufacturing process is very thorough. All hard parts are cleaned, degreased, and inspected for damage and compliance with industry specifications.

If a steer axle part does not comply with industry standards, it is replaced. Once the axle is re-assembled, the axle is inspected and tested again for quality. If in compliance, axle beams are straightened and bores are machined out to improve their functionality. Knuckles are replaced or remanufactured if they do not comply with original specifications. Cylinder tubes are either machine honed or replaced if beyond repair. Seal kits are replaced. Chrome rods are inspected for wear patterns and are replaced if necessary or re-chromed when possible.

Our current selection of remanufactured forklift axles includes the following brands:

If you do not see a steer axle for sale that you need, please contact our Intella team. Browse our online catalog with over 6 million records, or get in contact with a customer support representative today by calling 437-253-7400.

Rebuilt forklift steer axles

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