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Starters and Alternators

Intella offers a complete range of starters and alternators. Unless otherwise noted, all of our starters and alternators are brand new.

Here's some background information on starters.

What is a starter?

The simplest definition: a starter is an electric motor needed to turn over the engine to start it.

What is an alternator:

An alternator is part of the charging system on a forklift that powers accessories on the forklift.

There are a variety of different starter types. Most starters will have abbreviations in their description which describes what type of starter it is.

  • DD Direct Drive
  • PMGR Permanent Magnet - Gear Reduction
  • PMDD Permanent Magnet - Direct Drive
  • OSGR Off Set Gear Reduction

A gear reduction starter will often replace a direct drive starter. Just because the starter looks different does NOT mean it won't work in your forklift! Wondering what gear reduction means? Click here to learn more about gear reduction forklift starters.

Things you need to know when ordering a new forklift starter:

  • Part numbers help! If you can find a number on the starter that you removed from the forklift, enter it into our search bar. There's a good change we recognize it.
  • If you can't find the starter you need on our website, call us at 437-253-7400. We offer all starters for forklifts.
  • Check the number of teeth! You cannot replace a starter with a different number of teeth on the gears than the old starter. It simply won't work.

What's the difference between wet clutch starters and normal starters? Wet clutch starters are starters that are installed in oil. The front of the starter will be sealed with seals and o-rings. You'll know for certain if a starter is used in a wet clutch when there's an o-ring or a groove for an o-ring on the nose cone of the unit. There aren't that many wet clutch forklift starters, one popular wet clutch starter is this one.

Important things to know when ordering a forklift alternator:

  • Ordering by part number is the easiest way to go. If you can find a part number on the alternator that came off the forklift, it's a good idea to re-order that alternator if it came off a running forklift.
  • Conenctor type is real important--if you don't have the right connector type it's very hard to install in the field.
  • Amperage of the alternator is important. You can use a higher rated alternator than which came off the forklift but you shouldn't replace an alternator with a lower amp rating.

Please call or email us if you have other questions about forklift starters or forklift alternators. We welcome your phone call: 437-253-7400

Starters and Alternators

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