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Forklift Radiators

We all know that forklift radiators take a beating and that's why they're considered heavy duty compared to automotive radiators. Most forklifts are put to work for many hours a day, lift heavy loads (that's the point of them right?) and are subject to all sorts of weather thanks to loading and unloading products of all sorts. That's why the radiator needs to be in top shape. At Intella Parts, we carry the radiator you need to keep your forklift up and running. We stock radiators for many forklift brands and if we don't have it on our shelf today, we can get it quickly to keep your down time at a minimum.

If you've landed here, there's a good chance you need a new forklift radiator. Maybe you found a huge coolant leak beneath your Hyster forklift. Or maybe your Yale forklift developed a pin hole leak and continues to spew fluid.

If you are doing your own maintenance, first, it's most important that you DO NOT remove the radiator cap from the radiator when the engine is hot. When the radiator cap is removed, the pressure is released from the cooling system. If the engine is hot, the steam and boiling coolant can create nasty burns. Don't remove the forklift radiator cap when the engine is running.

Some forklift radiators can be repaired. In the case that your forklift radiator cannot be repaired, check out our large selection of forklift radiators.

Need a radiator but aren't exactly sure which one will work for your forklift? Contact us by email or by calling 437-253-7400.

Forklift Radiators

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