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Electric Forklift Parts

Over half of all forklifts sold in the United States each year are powered by electricity! We've got parts for electric forklifts--lots of them!

Electric forklifts offer a number of advantages over gas or propane forklifts. First, they cost less money to operate.Gone are routine oil changes, filter changes, and eventual engine overhauls. Second, they are easy to fuel. Simply charge the forklift overnight and the next day you'll have enough power for another 8 hour shift.

We carry all the common electric forklift parts for brands such as Crown, Hyster, Yale, Raymond and many more. Check our prices! We've got great prices on common items like contactors, motor brushes, switches, fuses, and all the common electric parts you need to keep your forklift in top operating condition.

Most forklifts are AC powered these days. We have parts for AC powered forklifts as well! These newer models feature brushless motors and are often easier to maintain.

Electric forklifts are nothing new. Some industries have used electric forklifts exclusively for over 40 years. A big reason electric forklifts are so popular is the fact that they burn no fuel and have zero emissions. Some customers initially fear that electric forklifts are expensive to maintain. But fear not, Intella's got you covered with our wide range of aftermarket parts for electric forklifts.

Electric Forklift Parts

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