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Caterpillar Forks

Caterpillar Forks

Looking for Caterpillar forks? Intella Parts can help. There are a variety of different types and styles of forks for Cat loaders and tool carriers. We can usually help with most.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when shopping for forks for your machine

First, does your machine have a pallet fork carriage?

If it does, check out our FORK SIZE FAQ to determine the right size for your machine.

Once you’re determined the right size for your forks, scroll down below for pricing.

If your fork looks completely different than any of the forks we stock: Call or email us.

We can custom manufacture replacement CAT forks up to the following dimensions:

  • Maximum length: 98”/2500mm
  • Maximum thickness: 4’72”/120mm
  • Maximum width: 9.44”/240mm
  • Maximum back height: 59”/1500mm

Safety when using forks Caterpillar forks on Cat machines is of the utmost importance!

A useful guide for using forks on loaders in agriculture settings can be found here

Our replacement CAT forks are built to the tough ANSI B56 standards and meet the ISO 2330 fork arm standard. We can also supply blank forks: please send us dimensions and specifications for pricing.

Do you run other types of equipment? Regardless the type, we can supply the forks you need. We offer forklift forks, skidsteer forks, loader forks, tool carrier forks, and any custom fork you can think of!

Got other questions? Pick up the phone and give us a call at 437-253-7400.