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Intella Parts offers a complete lineup of Caterpillar load wheels, stud wheels, load wheel axles and support assemblies.

Load wheels are usually made with polyurethane in a variety of different durometers (hardness) and compounds. Caterpillar, to the best of our knowledge, does not manufacture their own load or pallet jack wheels.

If you buy a load wheel from Intella Parts, there's a good chance that we're buying it from the same supplier that makes the wheel for Caterpillar too. This helps ensure that the wheels fit, and that you are getting some of the best prices to be found on the web! As you explore our selection of Caterpillar load wheels, you'll see most product pages contain the recommended bearing to be used with each wheel. If you find a wheel without this information, please contact us and let us know.

We also offer the bearings for Caterpillar load wheels as well as riser assemblies, load wheel axles, and bushings.


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