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Forklift brake kits make your job easier! Order one part number and get the parts you need to repair your forklift brakes.

We carry 3 different types of kits

Brake shoe only kit: as the name implies, only includes brake shoes and pins

Minor kits will include these parts for a minor forklift brake job:

  • Inner drive hub seals
  • Outer drive axle seals
  • Drive axle flange gasket
  • LH wheel cylinder
  • RH wheel cylinder
  • Brake shoe set (LH and RH if applicable)
  • Brake shoe hold down springs
  • Brake shoe hold down cups
  • Brake shoe hold down pins
  • Primary return spring
  • Secondary return spring
  • Adjuster spring
  • Self adjuster cable (if applicable)
  • Park brake strut spring

Major kits will include all of the above PLUS

  • Brake master cylinder
  • LH park brake cable
  • RH park brake cable
  • LH self adjuster
  • RH self adjuster
  • LH self adjuster lever
  • RH self adjuster lever

Major forklift brake kits are suitable for major forklift brake jobs.

(Actual items may vary by kit; please look at the individual item to verify it has what you need)

If you want a forklift brake kit and can't find it here, drop us a line and we can likely create a kit for you.

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