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Battery Connectors

Intella Parts is your source for forklift battery connectors!

We carry the entire range of Rema brand battery connectors. Rema offers 2 styles of connectors:

  • FLAT/SR series connectors. These forklift battery connectors are very common in Crown, Hyster, Yale, Cat, and most other electric forklifts. We offer them in 50, 175, and 350 amp versions. These forklift connectors are genderless--there are no separate part numbers for male or female. You would typically need one connector for the cable that comes out of the charger, one connector for the cable that comes out of the battery, and one connector for the cable that goes inside the forklift.
  • For SR/flat series connectors historically certain colors represent certain voltages. Colors will mate perfectly with other colors; a red with connect with a red, and a gray will connect with a gray. But different colors will be connect together by virtue of a slightly different design. This is to help avoid the expensive problem of plugging a battery into a charger which is set to a different output voltage than the battery will accept. You can use any color connector on any forklift battery or charger. But you can't mix different colors together.

Walkies, pallet jacks, walkie stackers and other tuggers will typically use a 175 amp connector. Stand up forklifts and sit down forklifts will typically use a 350 amp connector.

Some people refer to these connectors as SB battery connectors. SB is a brand name from Anderson Power Products and our connectors are not supplied by them.

Rema also makes European style forklift battery connectors. These connectors are very common in Europe but are becoming more popular in the USA particularly with fast charging operations. These connectors have a small pin that prevents different connectors of different voltages from being plugged into the wrong charger. They are much tougher and take much more abuse. If you find yourself constantly replacing 350 connectors, consider switching to a tough, German manufactured, German designed Rema euro style connector

Battery Connectors

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