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Aerial Lift Wheels

Intella Parts delivers premium tire selection for aerial work platforms featuring JLG, Genie, and Skyjack. We understand the maintenance of aerial lift wheels and tires is necessary for the peak performance of your lift platforms. We provide fast shipping for the tire assemblies you need. For prompt assistance in determining your specific lift tires, fill out this form.

The Correct Maintenance of Lift Tires

Maintaining your lift tires is necessary to keep your aerial work platform in great condition. In order to keep your scissor lift tires in shape, do the following:

  • Inspection - Lift tires should be inspected daily for holes, cracks, missing pieces, or any deformities. Ensure that your tires get checked during your annual OSHA/ANSI inspection.
  • Replacement - It is recommended that all four tires get replaced at one time. For assistance on how to replace lift tires, check our how-to video collection on our YouTube channel.

The Preferred Lift Tires for Your Man Lift

Scissor lift tires are specific to both the brand and model of your aerial work platform. The parts manual is the most reliable way to determine the unique part number of the scissor lift wheel or tire you need.

At Intella Parts, we offer high-quality ORANGEPARTS scissor lift wheel assemblies, which are manufactured to meet stringent industry standards. These premium lift tires are crafted from durable, non-marking rubber and are directly supplied by the manufacturer to guarantee the best pricing and quality. Call Intella today at 437-253-7400 or contact us online for your lift tire needs.

Aerial Lift Wheels

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