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Aerial lift parts

Intella Parts carries more than just forklift parts! We also stock, and have access to a wide variety of parts for your aerial lift too! We are currently stocking popular brands of aerial joysticks and scissor lift controllers from makers such as JLG, Upright, Terex, and many others. Our talented, trained staff will help you find the right part for your equipment and more importantly, your budget. Let us show you how years of experience can help to get your equipment in top operating condition, and keep it these.

We offer competitive pricing on joysticks and controllers for a variety of aerial equipment such as JLG, Upright, Terex, and many others.

While we stock many original equipment replacements, we also carry a large selection of aftermarket replacements as well. These units are built to meet or exceed the quality and durability of their name brand equivalents. If this is an option for your needs, our staff will let you know, and make sure you are aware of any differences or concerns of either option. Safety and quality are top priorities, and we will never compromise either just to make the sale. Many times OEM replacements are difficult if not impossible to locate for older machines. This is were the aftermarket options become a huge time and money saver!

Scissor lifts and aerial lifts are often used in situations where their agility and versatility allow them into areas restricted for other types of equipment. This means that when they are called to the job, they need to work the first time, every time. Equipment failures and repairs eat away at your bottom line. Let us show you how we can help to maintain or increase your bottom line through quality parts and knowledge.

Aerial lift parts

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