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Transmissions for Forklifts

Intella Parts offers a large range of new and remanufactured forklift transmissions. We offer forklift transmissions for most major brands of forklifts including Hyster, Yale, Toyota, Cat, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Komatsu, Taylor and most others.

Forklift Transmissions We Supply

Here's a broad overview of the types of forklift transmissions we can supply: Hyster and Yale forklift transmissions: We offer new and remanufactured transmissions for the Fortis and Veracitor forklift series and well as older units. Hyster & Yale forklifts are made in their factory in Sulligent Alabama. They are very popular and often remanufactured is the way to go on these units. For larger Hyster forklifts with Dana transmissions we can supply new or used as well.

Toyota forklift has their transmissions built by Aisin. We can supply new or remanufactured units. Often the price on the new transmission is lower than remanufactured for Toyota forklifts.

Caterpillar/Mitsubishi/MCFA transmissions are Japanese sourced. Typically they are expensive to remanufacture but we can supply parts and kits for these units.

Nissan/Unicarriers and Komatsu forklift transmissions are also Japanese made. These transmissions are fairly robust and there aren't many reman options available. Please contact us for these models.

What is Included in a Remanufactured Transmission?

Photos of process here
  1. Components are removed from the forklift transmission.The transmission is completely disassembled, and laid out for inspection and prepped for wash
  2. Forklift transmissions are washed in a hot aqueous solution and then air dried. They are blasted with soda medium to remove any excess material. Then the forklift transmission parts are washed again to remove any soda material left on components.
  3. What forklift parts are replaced during the remanufacturing process?
    1. Gaskets
    2. Seals or O-Rings
    3. Bearings
    4. Clutch Plates
    5. Springs
      Other components within the charge pump that will not meet OEM specifications and any other component that will not meet or exceed OEM specifications
  4. Forklift transmissions are re-assembled by guidelines set forth in the service manual for assembly, torque, backlash, preload and spacing.
  5. Once the forklift transmissions are assembled, they are tested.
    1. Forklift transmissions are warmed up to operation temperature.
    2. Dye is introduced to the lift truck transmission fluid to detect the smallest of leaks
    3. Under florescent light, the forklift transmission is continually checked for leaks
  6. Operational control of the forklift transmissions are tested and pressures are confirmed
  7. Test sheets are filled out, a fresh coat of paint is applied, and the the lift truck transmission is readied for shipment

Remanufactured forklift transmissions come with a 12 month warranty with no hour limitation.

Transmissions for Forklifts

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