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Forklift Seats

A happy forklift operator is a more productive forklift operator; sitting on worn or damaged seats isn’t likely to make anyone happy. Fortunately, when you need a forklift seat, we have a wide variety to choose from. Our fast shipping will get your new seat delivered quickly so you can replace it as soon as possible.

Intella Parts has a wide selection of replacement forklift seats for sale, along with replacement parts and accessories. All our aftermarket forklift seats and parts are top quality, and you’re sure to find options to fit your forklift brand and your budget.

Some of the features available on our seats are:

  • Heaters
  • Air suspension
  • Adjustable positioning
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable vinyl or cloth fabric options in black or gray
  • Built-in sensors and operator presence switches

Our selection of accessories and replacement parts includes:

All of the forklift seats and parts we carry are heavy-duty and designed to last. Our selection features several seat designs, including low-profile, executive style, wingback and high back.

Some seats can be mounted on a few different forklifts, but if you’re looking at a seat made to fit another forklift brand, you need to consider these variables:

  • The mounting holes on the seat need to align with the holes on your seat deck.
  • There needs to be enough room from the seat to the overhead guard.

At Intella, our commitment to the three pillars of quality, safety and customer support makes us the go-to vendor for forklift repair parts. Browse our online catalog with over 6 million records, or get in contact with a customer support representative today by calling 437-253-7400.

Forklift Seats

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