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Safety Parts

Forklift safety is extremely important! There are thousands of injuries each year caused by forklift accidents. The best solution often is equipping your lift trucks with safety alarms and warning lights. Intella carries a complete line of accessories and systems which can help your organization reduce forklift/pedestrian accidents.

SAFESPOT is a system which can distinguish the difference between a pedestrian and a forklift. The system triggers a warning light (or optional alarm) which helps forklift drivers see pedestrians--and helps pedestrians see oncoming forklift traffic.

SIS Easy system is an Italian built, industrial system to detect with a capacity between 0 and 8000 pounds lift capacity. Learn more and watch the video here.

If you are looking for the very popular blue forklift light click here

Blue lights for forklifts are extremely popular. But just because we offer the best blue spot, don't forget about other safety lights and alarms we offer.

Are you a safety director, safety manager or other safety professional? Perhaps you just want to make sure your forklifts are running in the safest possible manner possible. Here are a few things to consider and check:

  1. Do your forklifts horns work? A horn is the best tool a driver can have to warn of oncoming traffic, warn pedestrians, and help pedestrians stay safe.
  2. Having better quality brighter forklift lights helps avoid accidents. Explore our range of LED lights which are often brighter than the lights you may have on your forklifts right now.
  3. Decals help! We offer a forklift decal kit which contains all the safety decals your forklift requires.
  4. Strobe lights, the blue spot, tail lights...all key components of a safe forklift. Explore below!

Safety Parts

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Shop for Forklift Mirrors

Forklift mirrors improve visibility and help eliminate accidents! Tens of thousands of forklift accidents occur every year, and they can lead to injured employees, lost work time, and lost productivity. Make sure your workplace is a safe environment for your forklift operators and anyone else in forklift operation areas.

A big part of staying safe in the workplace is maintaining the best visibility possible for your forklift drivers. Operating in three dimensional space, operators need to be able to see all sides of their vehicles at all times. Not only does visibility make an operator's job easier, but it also makes it easier for the driver to communicate with those in the vicinity of the forklift in order to keep them safe too.

Mirrors are a crucial element in maintaining visibility. Intella offers a wide array of various mirror models, made of various materials and with all kinds of reflective angles. Our inventory is constantly updating, which means that we are able to find the forklift mirrors that are best for you. Check out our mirror catalog below, and order directly online or call us at 437-253-7400 for help.