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Premium Grammer Seats

Grammer is a premium manufacturer of ergonomic seats for forklifts, Construction, aerial equipment, and other off highway equipment. It’s super important for equipment operators to sit comfortably…after all, they are usually sitting on their equipment for an entire day!

Intella offers a large selection of Grammer ergonomic forklift seats and seat accessories. You’ll find the commonly stocked seats on this page but we also can special order nearly any Grammer seat. In addition to inventory in the United States, we have access to Grammer seat inventory in Europe and can quickly ship to USA, Canada and any location worldwide.

Why Grammer?

The GRAMMER brand is synonymous with unrivalled ergonomics and is passionate about creating seats with the highest level of operator comfort - the operator shouldn’t fit the seat; the seat should fit the needs of the operator.

For years, GRAMMER has worked closely with scientists researching the human spine - and you can feel that knowledge in every seat design. Thanks to the exhaustive research, development and testing, GRAMMER created durable seats that help you to reduce whole body vibrations and offer premium driver experience for every operator.

Intella offers premium Grammer seats which can be installed on a variety of different forklifts and construction equipment. If you are shopping for a better seat and need assistance selecting the right seat, you’ve come to the right place. Explore our products here and if you have any questions please contact us by chat, text, phone or email.

Premium Grammer Seats

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