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Fantuzzi Forklift: Replacement & Aftermarket Parts

Intella can help source Fantuzzi parts! We are European owned and our warehouse in The Netherlands carries a good deal of Fantuzzi parts. We have sourced and cross referenced quite a few Fantuzzi parts and we have access to many Fantuzzi suppliers in Italy and the rest of Europe. Check out our offering of Fantuzzi items or contact us for any help you need with Fantuzzi.

Fantuzzi History

Fantuzzi was started in 1960 by Luciano Fantuzzi. Through the years, Italian based Fantuzzi became a leader in port equipment such as reach stackers, container handlers, and rubber tired gantry cranes.

In 1993 the Fantuzzi group purchased Reggiane, an Italian manufacturer of port cranes. Things were going well for Fantuzzi through the 90s. At its peak, Fantuzzi was building 60 container handlers per month.

Fantuzzi effectively went out of business in 2008 after it was sold to the Terex Group. In 2007 before the financial crisis, Fantuzzi had annual revenue of around 400 million euros. With plants in Italy, Germany, and China, Fantuzzi had a true global footprint.

Once Terex took over Fantuzzi, deep personnel cuts ensued. Terex closed Fantuzzi reach stacker operations, justifying the move due to its own reach stacker plant in France, the former PPM. Since 2009, Fantuzzi operations were integrated with the Terex subsidiary Kone and Fantuzzi was a brand that was basically left to rot. There were very few Fantuzzi reach stackers or container handlers sold in the Americas since 2009.

Product support for Fantuzzi units has been lacking by Terex. it's suspected by many that Terex really wasn't interested in the reach stacker or container handler portion of Fantuzzi's operations, and that suspicion is supported by the fact that Terex has invested very little in maintaining Fantuzzi product support. There are next to no Fantuzzi dealers in the Americas and the Terex parts depot stocks very little Fantuzzi product.

Fantuzzi Forklift: Replacement & Aftermarket Parts

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