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Forklift Battery Chargers

Got an electric forklift? Need a forklift battery charger? We've got them. We offer forklift battery chargers for all types of electric powered material handling equipment including:

We Have Chargers For:

  • Forklift chargers for sit down forklifts
  • Forklift chargers for walkie forklifts / walkie pallet jacks. Often these are on-board chargers.
  • Forklift chargers for stand up forklifts like reach trucks, order pickers, stand up end control units and more
  • Chargers for cleaning equipment such as Tennant, Advance, Nilfisk, and others

New Chargers Over Used:

We specialize in new chargers not used forklift battery chargers. There are a number of advantages to purchasing a new charger over a used charger--most importantly, the newer style chargers often consume less electricity than the older types. You may save a bit with a used charger but over time that charger will actually cost more money to operate than a new charger. It is a good idea to have a backup battery charger as well, and since they are affordable it makes it easy to buy a couple chargers.

The chargers we have for sale handle a variety of voltages. We offer 12v chargers, 24v chargers as well as 36v forklift battery chargers and 48v forklift battery chargers.

Types of Forklift Chargers We Offer:


These units are installed onboard walkie pallet jacks. Often there are size constraints and universal type chargers won't fit onboard the forklift unit. Units are custom sized to the piece of equipment they are designed for.


These forklift battery chargers are universal in nature and can charge any battery designed for an electric forklift. We offer the ATIB product line from Italy. ATIB makes top quality chargers at affordable prices. All chargers are UL/CSA listed and can be used on a variety of different forklift brands such as Crown, Raymond, Yale, Hyster, Clark, Toyota and most others.

We stock 2 types from ATIB: 3N and 5N. Both charge the forklift battery in exactly the same fashion. However, the 5N series offers a display unit which helps with the following:

  • Programming (only for experts): you can adjust a lot of parameters of your charging profile (v.gas/ charging time/ dv/dt termination / capacitive termination etc..)
  • Diagnostic: direct access to specific alarm code
  • Storage data: you have access to a lot of stored and real time data (charge duration/number of accomplished and partial charges/accumulated capacity/real time voltage and current etc..)
  • Options: you can program equalization and delay start

Forklift Battery Chargers

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