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Intella Parts stocks a large assortment of forklift parts. We feature only a small selection on this website; however, we have many, many more.

We have online parts manuals! You need to create an account (simple process), then check my account for access to these manuals.

Just let us know your forklift make and model, plus contact info. For Toyota forklift models: please pay special attention to the all the characters in the model - we need them all!

Need help finding your serial number? Click here for our online serial number guide

The more information you supply the faster we can reply

Please describe the part you are looking for the best you can. If there are markings or part numbers on the part itself, please list those as well.

We can supply parts for most makes of forklift including Hyster, Clark Material Handling, Yale Materials Handling, Toyota Industrial Equipment, Nissan Forklift Corporation, Komatsu Forklift and most others.