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Intella carries the forklift accessories you need to make your life easier!

Need forklift keys? We stock a large variety of forklift keys for most brands and models. You can identify them by photo here.

Good quality forklift lights help drivers see the loads they are moving inside trailers. You could almost argue that forklift lights are really not accessories--they should be mandatory. Check out our selection of forklift lights.

We offer other forklift accessories such as horns and safety decals.

A very common question we receive is "what safety accessories is required on my forklift?" Generally forklift accessories which came with the forklift when it was originally delivered from the factory, need to stay on the forklift. Anything beyond that, is up to the customer's discretion.

Intella has the forklift accessories that you need. If there's anything you need which you cannot find on our website, please contact us either by calling 437-253-7400 or email us using this form.


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